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Meet LeMar, IT Service Desk Manager

LeMar is an experienced and friendly IT Service Desk professional at JK Moving.

Meet Tony, Operations Manager

Tony, a reliable and excellent Operations Manager at JK Moving's Maryland division.

Meet Jackie, VP, International Services

JK Moving's VP of International Services, Jackie, travels abroad frequently for cultural experiences and cuisine.
A personal achievement that speaks volumes, JK Careers

Meet Jaylen, Commercial Trainer

JK Moving's rising star. From seasonal mover to Commercial Trainer, explore his journey and contributions.
Michal, JK Account Executive, visit our Careers site to learn more if you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a career with JK Moving!

Meet Michael, Account Executive

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael, an Account Executive at JK

Meet Steve, Assistant Controller

Aiming for personal and professional growth with a strategic and financially-driven mindset.

Meet Daniella, Recruiter

A successful and charismatic recruiter, thrives in HR with her genuine care and adaptability.
work-life balance

Meet Kosta, Director of Inside Sales and National Accounts

Kosta’s dedication and determination have led to significant milestones throughout his career.
Cintia Cuyun

Meet Cintia, Customer Care Supervisor

Cintia, a valued member of the JK team, is a Customer Care Supervisor and has

Meet Tanya, A/P Manager

Tanya’s professional growth at JK Moving has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting as a