Meet Luke, LD Manager


Meet Luke, the dedicated manager of the long-distance fleet at JK Moving. Celebrating nearly four years with JK this coming September, Luke has been instrumental in managing both fleet drivers and managers. His journey in the moving and storage industry spans nearly three decades, marked by commitment and expertise unique to his profession.

Career path: A Lifetime in motion

Like JK’s founder Chuck Kuhn, Luke’s story in the moving and storage industry began at age 16, when he worked summers with moving crews. His career took a decisive turn following a sports injury, leading him to a customer service role under his father’s management at Graebel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a remarkable tenure at Graebel, his experiences profoundly shaped his professional life, confirming his lifelong dedication to the moving industry.

Luke’s dedication to the moving and storage industry illustrates his deep commitment and passion for his work. This singular focus has allowed him to develop specialized skills and a deep understanding of the industry, which have been crucial in his success.

Advice for aspiring professionals

For those venturing into the moving and storage industry, Luke emphasizes the importance of curiosity and engagement. “Always ask questions,” he advises, highlighting the need to seek clarity and understanding in every aspect of work. His determination to always voice his questions, especially during critical meetings, has helped ensure that no concern goes unaddressed.

The man behind the job

Luke Humphreys - fishingAway from the logistical challenges of his day-to-day work, Luke leads a fulfilling personal life. He and his wife of 26 years live just outside Denver, CO, and are proud parents to their daughter Brooke, who currently resides in Austin, TX. He is an avid outdoorsman and often fills his weekends with fishing and hiking, activities that complement his active lifestyle and love for sports.

An interesting tidbit about Luke is his accomplishment of climbing a fourteener—a mountain peak exceeding 14,000 feet, a popular challenge among Colorado’s adventure seekers. This feat is a testament to his love for adventure and his ability to conquer great heights, both literally and metaphorically.

Personal and professional milestones

Professionally, Luke takes pride in his longstanding association with just one industry, which has been both a career and a life’s work. On a personal note, he considers supporting his daughter through college and witnessing the start of her career his most significant achievements. These milestones reflect his commitment not just to his work but also to his family.

An example of Luke’s adaptability lies in his necessary shift from physical labor to a customer service role due to injury. This highlights the importance of embracing change and finding opportunities for growth in every situation.

Starting as a young helper for moving crews at Graebel, then making the move to JK Moving and managing the long-distance fleet, Luke’s career trajectory also showcases the value of persistence. His continuous engagement in the industry, even through injuries and role changes, underscores that steadfastness can lead to meaningful and rewarding career progression.

Looking ahead: Goals and aspirations.

Through his experiences, Luke offers a roadmap for enduring commitment and adaptable growth. He demonstrates that a focused career, when paired with a questioning mind and balanced life, leads to professional success and personal fulfillment.


At JK Moving Services, Luke Humphrey’s influence extends beyond the fleet he manages—it inspires his colleagues and resonates within the community he has helped shape. Luke’s legacy at JK is clear: A career well built and a life well lived, reflecting the core values that make JK Moving Services a leader in the industry.

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