Mett Blerta, Business Development

Have you ever wondered who the amazing people are behind the scenes at JK Moving? Today, we shine the spotlight on Blerta, a sales representative who has brought her positive energy and multilingual talents to the team for the past five years.

Though she holds a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation and initially thought of becoming an interpreter, Blerta was presented with an opportunity to join the moving industry and JK Moving with a referral from a friend. She took a leap of faith and quickly discovered a passion for the fast-paced world of relocation services.

A career built on collaboration and learning

While Blerta originally started as a Booking Assistant, her willingness to learn and grow has seen her progress to Sales Support Supervisor and now her current role in Business Development. Blerta highlights the supportive and collaborative work environment at JK  Moving as a major perk that she’s experienced throughout her journey. She enjoys the close relationships she’s built with colleagues, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and helping each other succeed.

Blerta has embraced the opportunities for professional development offered at JK Moving. She credits her growth to this training, interactions with colleagues, and the challenges and rewards of working directly with customers.

Advice for newcomers

For anyone starting in the field, Blerta’s advice is simple, yet powerful: Always strive to give your best every day. She believes that a consistent effort and a willingness to excel are key to achieving success in any role.

Looking to the future

Blerta’s drive to learn and grow goes hand in hand with her ambition. While she’s excelled in the sales side of the moving industry, she hopes to expand her knowledge into the business aspects of JK Moving, perhaps exploring management or operations.

Blerta’s personal life and interests

Blerta Vrapi - hiking in winterA bundle of energy and enthusiasm, Blerta keeps herself busy with a range of activities outside of work. She loves being outdoors, enjoying hiking in nature and swimming. Her passion for cooking has led her to start taking culinary classes, most enjoying baking desserts, which she considers her signature.

Blerta also has a hidden talent for singing. When the office is quiet, she might surprise you with a song in Turkish, Greek, English, or French!

Blerta Vrapi’s positive attitude, willingness to learn, and multilingual talents are a valuable asset to the JK Moving team. We’re excited to see what the future holds for her.

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