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Meet Jaylen, Commercial Trainer

A personal achievement that speaks volumes, JK Careers

At JK Moving, we take pride in showcasing our dedicated team members who contribute to our organization’s success. Today, we are delighted to introduce you to Jaylen, Commercial Trainer with JK Moving. Join us as we get to know Jaylen’s career journey, learn what drew him to JK, and discover his interests outside of work.

Jaylen’s journey into Commercial training

Jaylen has been working at JK for two years, but his journey with the company started in college at JMU. After seeing a posting for a summer job as a seasonal mover, he started working through the summer and the winter, enjoying the work.

Impressed by our company, Jaylen decided to return after he graduated from college. He started his career in general administration and then quickly ventured into product management. In this role, Jaylen was instrumental in launching our Commercial operations app with our teams as well as training them on how to use it in their daily work. Due to the experience he gained training team members on the app, Jaylen earned a promotion to a training role, where he’s been excelling ever since.

Why Jaylen chose JK Moving

Jaylen credits the incredible people he works with, without a doubt, as the best part of working for JK Moving. It’s what draws Jaylen most to our company. He particularly appreciates that our team members come from all walks of life.

A personal achievement that speaks volumes

Jaylen cites his recent promotion to the Commercial Training team as both a personal and professional achievement. He acknowledges the personal growth he’s experienced during his career journey, especially in improving his public speaking abilities. After struggling with speaking in public when he was younger, Jaylen now handles it with confidence each day.

Advice for someone just starting out

Jaylen advises that in any field, it’s important to follow your passion and let it guide you. Once you find a field, whether in the tech industry, training, or HR, patience is key. By putting your best work forward and staying committed, success is inevitable, and the rewards will come.

Jaylen Thomas: Looking ahead

Setting his sights on future goals, Jaylen is now working toward new opportunities in his professional life. He would like to reach upper management, aspiring to be a senior training manager or a similar position.

Life outside of the office

Jaylen Thomas

In his free time, Jaylen enjoys working out and taking part in various hobbies, including flag football and pickup basketball. Additionally, he is a photographer and videographer. We were fascinated to learn about some exciting photo and video projects he has been involved with the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Commanders, as well as a collaboration with Dave Chappelle.

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